Secure Payment

On you can pay in 5 different ways *:

*See site condition

1- Banking Card: You can adjust your purchases by CB directly on the site, Your Data is encrypted (VerisignSSL Certificate), and Credit Agricole's 3DSecure system allows you to be certain that you are the owner of the credit card, so fraud is not possible

2- Bancaire Transfer: Payment by bank transfer remains the fastest and most efficient total security with a delay of 3 Days after receipt on our account. 
Our Banking Codes:
They are displayed if you select the Transfer check box after validating your order.

3-In 3 or 4 times without charge: Payment in several times with Alma.

If you pay your order several times, you accept the Alma client general conditions. In particular, you cannot pay in several times only purchases with an amount of between 100,00 € and 2,500.00 €. The fees applicable to this means of payment are, for each transaction, 0.00 % of the amount of the transaction plus: 0,00 €.

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your refund capabilities before committing yourself

4-Term Cash * : Pay cash to your post office.
The money is recovered the same day or the next day at the latest.
The package is then shipped. Validate your order by activating your DJB account and leaving the products in your cart, contact us, you give us the amount of your cart or your name, send you your amount, at Reception, we validate your cart and we proceed to the shipment

5-Administrative Mandate (for Authorities): Choose DEVIS and send your order form with the product references ordered by Fax.0959073856 or by email.

official header will be requested.
This purchase order must be signed, stamped with a CHORUS certified purchase order number, and the reference or copy of the receipt at the end of the order provided by DJ Boutique.

You can also contact our financial service at

This website has an SSL COMODO RSA SHA-256 SSL encryption hoop.

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